About us

un océan de PLASTIQUE aims to provide essential information about ocean pollution in general, and plastic in particular. So the whole world has a chance to understand, in simple words, what we are collectively exposing ourselves to.

Sylvia Earle, a famous oceanographer, puts it wonderfully when she says there is no “elsewhere” on Earth. We can’t discard our waste “elsewhere” because everywhere is “here” for somebody.

The sole ambition of un océan de PLASTIQUE is that of the hummingbird in the legend: to do our bit.

We can’t discard our waste “elsewhere” because everywhere is “here” for somebody.

Our responsibility

The children in schoolyards TODAY are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of our inaction.

They are the ones who will summon their elders – us – to the courts of history. Because we won’t be able to say we didn’t know. There are some very simple, very quick and very effective ways to slow down or even reverse the trend. These are simply choices that we make, or not.

The author

My name is Arnaud Adam. One day, the realisation hit me. To the point that I now cannot ignore the situation today: I am part of a world in which my children and grandchildren are doomed.. This realisation is what drove me to create this website, in the name of what I believe and what I want to defend.

Why the ocean? Because it’s the cornerstone of all the rest. Why plastic? Because it’s a major issue, where we can take immediate action. Plastic won’t be banned, and that’s just as well. But we have to consider and treat it differently.

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